Getting There

Airports: From Monopoli you can go to and from the airports of Bari and Brindisi by airport bus and train. Several airlines go to these 2 towns, including Ryanair, Easyjet, AirBerlin, Swiss and Alitalia’s discount sister “AirOne”.

In Bari Airport you’ll find both the airport bus (little, blue) and the regular local bus going to the central station of Bari. The airport bus is just outside the arrivals, takes less than 30 min. and costs 5 €. Buy tickets from the driver. You can find the time table at If you catch the regular orange bus no. 16 – also just outside the arrivals – you’ll get to town for only 1,5 €, but it takes a bit longer. Tickets in bookstore upstairs inside the airport. This bus also ends in front of the central station. A taxi from Bari airport to the station is app. 40 €. The train from Bari to Monopoli takes app. 30 min. depending on which train you catch. A regular ticket is 2,90€ and you have to stamp it in the machines. Find all trains and prices at

In Brindisi airport the bus (green) is just outside arrivals. It leaves every hour at throughout the day till 23.45. Tickets in the book store in the airport or from the driver (more expensive). Going from Brindisi station to the airport you get on the bus right outside the station. From here it leaves for the airport every hour at xx.25 and xx.55 and takes just 10 min. The train from Brindisi to Monopoli takes 30-40 min. depending on which one you catch. Also here you’ll find the more expensive train. Find all trains and prices

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